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Fall 2018: I am often asked why is there such interest in and demand for housing on Salt Spring Island (resulting in low supply of homes for sale, high demand, rising prices)?  Gary Mason in the Sept. 8 Globe and Mail wrote this, based on a recent McGill/UBC study into "life satisfaction" in 1200 Canadian communities: "... those who are the happiest in the country live in smaller, often rural areas. The most dissatisfied inhabit denser, urban centres, where there is not the same sense of togetherness and community that you often find in small towns."  

That is a key reason why our price trends (up) are not following either Vancouver or Victoria markets at this time, but rather reflect deep-seated dissatisfaction with city life - traffic, prices, lack of community, crime.  More people are staying put here for longer ... more visitors see the appeal to living on Salt Spring.  Welcome to a kinder gentler community!  

This is a very "personal" place, Salt Spring Island. It can be so many things to different people - that's what makes it interesting and very alive, exciting, and unique.

Salt Spring has been able to attract an amazing array of people from all walks of life; it's full of the most lively, literate, artistic and articulate brainy people you'll ever want to meet. Its rainforests, arbutus trees, split rail fences, vineyards, grazing sheep, homemade jams and breads, organic veggies and cheeses, not to mention the spectacular ocean vistas —well, just about the whole thing—can take your breath away.  And it's easy to find kindred spirits and your own place in the community if you are new to the island. Join the Forum (for interesting and prominent guest speakers), take in a performance at ArtSpring, join the golf or tennis club, the potters or artists guilds, the weavers and spinners, the hiking club.  Learn to play pickleball, take up a new craft, visit our multiple galleries and openings.  It's all here. 

Multiple MLS Sales Award Winner 2011 - 2017 Victoria Real Estate Board

Real estate - buying or selling a home - is a personal thing. And your relationship with your REALTOR® becomes a very important one, very quickly. You'll want to choose someone you feel comfortable with, who listens and understands your perspective and point of view, who is responsive to you – who is honest, and cares.



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"Peerless service: What I feel goes way beyond satisfaction -- you were terrific, and went far beyond the call of duty ... Your help made all the difference."  

"Her assistance in the sale of our mother's house, a complicated and emotional business, went far beyond what is normally expected of a realtor. From the initial assessment to the final closing she was helpful, sensitive, efficient, and stalwart ... From listing to closing was less than three months, and we got the price we hoped for.  It really was a pleasure to work with her .... peerless service."  

"Energetic, warm, encouraging, and responsible every step of the way."

"From our first meeting to the conclusion of the house sale, within a very short time, she was professional, enormously helpful and supportive, with great attention to detail (including "perfect staging") and constantly available for consultation. She was energetic, warm, encouraging and responsible every steps of the way. We highly recommend Susan to anyone interested in buying or selling a property. You will be delighted."

"You are an amazing and talented realtor, as well as a beautiful soul, and I thank you for supporting me through this process."   

"Thank you for all the work you do for all those people in the community who have happier lives in the new homes you worked so hard to make happen." 

"You really do go way above and beyond." 

"You are awesome."  

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