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Testimonials from home sellers:

"Exceptional photography and marketing skills."

"I am very happy I chose Susan as my realtor. As soon as I met her, I was impressed by her confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge in Saltspring's real estate market. Her exceptional photography and marketing skills put my home 'front and centre', immediately generating action. Through her diligent attention to detail, my home sold favourably in a buyer's market."

— Lise F. (Seller, 2014)

"There are few people more dedicated and committed to her clients than Susan de Stein. She found the buyers for our property even though it had not yet been listed and worked diligently as a joint agent for both parties. This is not always easy to accomplish and she managed it well."

— Marion and Manfred P. (Sellers 2012)

"If I were only allowed one word to describe Susan, it would be "DEDICATED": dedicated to understanding your financial wishes, to personally photographing the main selling features of your home, to presenting and marketing your home to the public, with a creative approach. If you believe spirit, experience and dedication sells homes – just call Susan."

— Bert S. (Seller 2009-2010)

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Property Evaluation and Sales Strategy

If you are considering selling your Salt Spring Island property, please feel free to call for a no-obligation market evaluation and to discuss strategies and timing.

Call me if:

  • You'd like a sense of what your property is worth today
  • You are doing some financial planning and have not yet thought about listing your property
  • You'd like to meet to talk about your options, and, very importantly, to see if you feel comfortable with me

We use various tools and other measures, including historical statistics on sales within specific periods of time, "current" and competitive listings, ratios (historical sale prices to assessment values, for example), and sale price per square foot of comparable properties, to provide an estimate of the value of your property.

Because virtually every property on Salt Spring Island is unique, the process of property evaluation requires:

  • Quantitative skills
  • Subjective assessment of the merits and short-comings of each property
  • Inventory knowledge (what is currently on the market)
  • Knowledge of historical trends
  • An understanding of the tastes and appetites of buyers

As we saw in 2008 and 2009, the real estate market here is a fluid one – sometimes following the greater economic trends, and other times, bucking them. With the economic shocks to the world economy in the fall of 2008, the market for real estate in the winter and early spring of 2009 slowed, and buyers became more cautious than usual. However, within a fairly short period of time, activity began to perk up, and as Vancouver and Victoria markets started to show real buzz, Salt Spring Island too felt the effects of renewed enthusiasm and optimism.

Many new buyers on Salt Spring Island are those embarking on either a retirement project, preparing for retirement, or buying for recreational purposes. The market tends to respond more slowly here than in larger urban centres to broader economic trends. By summer and fall 2009, we saw activity at all price levels and buyers returning for second looks. Property that was priced appropriately for the marketplace moved quickly.

From one month to the next, our market place can change – so, providing property evaluations is a challenging proposition. In the end, it’s my duty to provide as much information as possible to potential sellers, as they decide whether they want to place a property on the market.


Listing a Property for Sale

Every decision to sell a property or home is based on a unique set of circumstances. Every seller has a unique reason or set of reasons for selling, no matter what the market. Each of those can factor into the decision of when (and if) to sell.

Individuals with the greatest flexibility in terms of their circumstances are the most flexible in terms of when to put a property on the market, and at what price to list.

Individuals who are deciding to sell after holding a property for a long period of time also enjoy greater flexibility in terms of the timing of putting a home on the market.

We evaluate all potential reasons, assess historical activity levels, and help property and homeowners decide whether their best strategy is to list their home now, take a few months to improve their "product", or whether they should wait for a period of time.

We will be honest with you – in order to get the best possible outcome for you – an outcome that reflects your unique set of circumstances, desires, and objectives.


Preparing a Home for Listing

For sellers, our goal is to maximize the value you receive on the sale of your home.  In order to do that, we will advise you – prior to putting your house on the market – what steps we can take together to maximize that value.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market tomorrow – there are things we can do TODAY to maximize your return.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market in six months time, or a year from now, you have a perfect opportunity to work on it step by step, so you are ready when you want to put that FOR SALE sign on your lawn.  Consult us BEFORE you want to list, if possible, so there is time to work on some of the priority projects that will help you get the best bang for your buck and the most $$ for your property.

"[Susan] suggested what we could do to better present my home for the listing. To illustrate, she started with one bedroom. After less than an hour, she had transformed the room – by simply moving furniture, de-cluttering the shelves and surfaces, adding a lamp, re-hanging some artwork, and adding a vase for flowers. I was SOLD – and we worked together to do the same elsewhere in the house. What we did was allow visitors to see my home in its best light – and better imagine themselves living there."
— Seller, 2009

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(Call me if you would prefer to have this document sent to you via email or post.)

 Photographing Your Home for Sale

Presenting Your Home

I guarantee we will photograph your home professionally, so that prospective buyers who use this web site, or another, to view your property, will come away with the best possible impression of your home. For examples of our high quality photography, and tips on how you can graphically present your home to best advantage:

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"If you believe spirit, experience and dedication sells homes – just call Susan."
— Selling client, 2009