Real Estate on Salt Spring Island, BC is my passion...

With more people seeing the rural life as more desirable than life in the city, with technology allowing us to work remotely, and with Covid 19 limiting our social interactions - the lure of a life on Salt Spring is greater than ever.  Despite travel restrictions, concerns about community transmission, buyers finding it harder to come to the island -- our real estate market is quite robust at the moment (early August), and year to date sales in 2020 have outpaced 2019 sales by a considerable margin. Prices too appear to be increasing year over year somewhere in the order of 10% and more.

Buying activity seems to be only restricted by a lack of choice - fewer listings in all categories, lower than in previous years.  But buyers who are out there - and observing the strict protocols that need to be followed for showings -- are keen and making decisions relatively quickly.  We've had numerous multiple offer situations in all price ranges.

2020 started out very active - and despite a slowdown in both buyers and sellers in March and April - seems to be powering ahead of 2019 activity.  It's too early to say that prices or sales are higher than in 2019, but the signs are there for a solid market in 2020, although sellers may have an advantage as buyers face limited supply.  Sellers, however, can't get too far ahead of themselves and need to consider price as a key element of their strategy.   

Not sure how relevant 2019 statistics are to our current situation, but please do email me for a full report on 2019 real estate. 

Salt Spring has always attracted those seeking a kinder gentler lifestyle and a community that embraces diversity, arts, music, and a love of nature.  We are an amazing community of people; the island is full of the most lively, literate, artistic and articulate brainy people you'll ever want to meet. Its rainforests, arbutus trees, split rail fences, vineyards, grazing sheep, homemade jams and breads, organic veggies and cheeses, not to mention the spectacular ocean and pastoral vistas — well, just about the whole thing — can take your breath away.

And it's easy to find kindred spirits and your own place in the community if you are new to the island. Join the Forum (for interesting and prominent guest speakers), take in a performance at ArtSpring, join the golf or tennis club, the potters or artists guilds, the weavers and spinners, the hiking club. Learn to play pickleball, take up a new craft, visit our multiple galleries and openings. It's all here.